MARCH 2013 REFLECTION on the dynamic principle of hijrah (migration)


“…anyone who has fled from a dangerous or threatening situation to a place of safety has made hijrah.  Anyone who has courageously said “no more” or “not today” to a destructive, unhealthy habit or relationship or situation and begun a journey toward something better has made hijrah.   Anyone who has broken free from a cage of restriction and entrapment, where all possibilities are closed and the light of hope has been all but blocked, and set out in search of a new place of hope and possibility and freedom has made hijrahHijrah is the dynamic principle that animates the very foundations of lived Islam, for it represents the daily migration to a better place, a better state, leading ultimately to a blessed reunion with the one who made us and opened up the prophetic pathways for us to come home.”

from T.J. Gianotti, In the Light of a Blessed Tree: illuminations of Islamic belief, practice, and history (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2011), 101-102.