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A meditation in honor of the water protectors at Standing Rock My earliest and most beloved memories of the sacred are connected to water.  I can still see the mountain creek near our… Continue reading

Friday December 9, 2016: Guest Speaker at Muslim Association of Hamilton

Videos of this evening’s event are posted below. Part 1 | To view directly on YouTube, click here. Part 2

Welcome, Ramadan!

As we embark upon this annual journey of fasting, I look at my world in turmoil, my life in turmoil, my heart in turmoil, and I remember that this month is about much… Continue reading

The Path Begins Here

The “straight path” or “path of uprightness” is never somewhere other than where you are standing right now.  What makes it straight or upright or rightly guided is the manner of your standing. … Continue reading


Growth in Prayer:   Reflections and Lessons of a Struggler   Timothy J. Gianotti                I often reflect that the prayer-related growth we most need within the Muslim community is an excavation… Continue reading

MARCH 2013 REFLECTION on the dynamic principle of hijrah (migration)

MAKE YOUR MOVE! “…anyone who has fled from a dangerous or threatening situation to a place of safety has made hijrah.  Anyone who has courageously said “no more” or “not today” to a… Continue reading

Reflection: THE WAY OF LOVE

REFLECTION: with the fragrance of Valentine’s Day still in the air, I thought this medieval glimpse of love’s reality and utility might be of some interest and benefit to us, saturated as we are… Continue reading

Reflection: What is prayer to you?

Nearly two years ago, I was asked to answer this question (in 250 words or less) in preparation for the 10th annual, Muslim-Christian “Building Bridges” seminar, sponsored by the Archbishop of Canterbury (Dr.… Continue reading

NEW YEAR’S REFLECTION: Transforming the World

“Surely God does not change a people’s situation until they change what is in themselves…” from the Qur’ān, sūrat al-ra‘d / “The Thunder” (13): 11 We open our eyes and find ourselves, by… Continue reading