Welcome to IISF

Welcome to the Islamic Institute for Spiritual Formation (IISF)!

Rooted in and nourished by the religious and spiritual traditions of Islam, the Islamic Institute for Spiritual Formation (IISF) offers a refuge for souls seeking healing, spiritual deepening and development, holistic religious education, and transformation at all levels. Combining contemplative study with practice and social engagement, we seek restoration and transfiguration in the Divine, and we strive to reflect and refract the Divine light in the world. In doing so, we aspire to embody and promote the principles of universal dignity and equity, to practice in a spirit of denominational and religious inclusivity, to promote intelligent, respectful, and constructive interreligious engagement, to embrace the Divine trust of creational stewardship, and to pursue the restoration and ennoblement of all humankind, one person at a time.

Lacking a more refined word or phrase for this transformation-oriented agenda, I have always simply referred to it as “the work”; a longer-winded alternative might be “that which is essential for living a spiritually-infused life, the revivification of religion in our time, the rescue and restoration of the creation, and the flourishing of the human family.” Whatever we call it, this work is what brings us together and shapes our aspiration to live and grow as “a blessed tree” (24:35) – a tree that is neither eastern nor western, a tree through which the Divine light enters the world.

If you are interested in our work and would like to get involved, please sign up for our mailing list by sending us an email (link below). Also, if you have suggestions for future programming or are aware of appropriate spaces we might use for our courses, retreats, and events in the GTA, please share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in the “Leave a Reply” box below or simply send us an email.

With gratitude and prayers for peace upon all,

Timothy J. Gianotti, Ph.D.

Founder & Principal Teacher

Timothy’s book is available here:
In the Light of a Blessed Tree: Illuminations of Islamic Belief, Practice, and History